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Decluttering and organising with Joanne Froggatt from Downton Abbey!

  • Episode five of, Sal Sorts It!

    In this final episode Sal helps create a clearer, fun space for this 8 year old girl.

    Keeping a child’s bedroom tidy is a nightmare, even at the best of times, with the best intensions pockets of clutter can easily accumulate.

    Sal shows some great tips on how colours and creating specific areas can not just keep the room tidy but also encourage Laura to use them.


  • Episode four of, Sal Sorts It!

    Not always a large space, and with a busy family it’s easy to see why the bathroom can be neglected. Applying some great storage solutions can transform even the smallest of spaces into a clutter free environment.


  • Episode three of, Sal Sorts It!

    Kitchens always take longer than you first think. Sal helps Larrisa and her family bring their kitchen that has been cluttered with things that don’t belong and space that isn’t being utilised to its full potential.


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