Preparing a room before the baby arrives

Get set for parenthood by preparing your home

Welcoming your baby home

The more prepared you and your home are, the less overwhelming it will be

Decluttering before a baby arrives will connect you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to the space around you, ready to become a parent.

We offer a unique service that combines decluttering, feng shui & interior coaching to nurture a positive energy enviroment for your child.

It is important to understand how helpful our homes can be when experiencing a major life change such as changing careers, moving or getting married. Having a child can be the most wonderful time of your life, so make sure that you have your home ready for that special time.

Nursery baby clear of clutter 1

A tidy home = A happy home

Maintaining a decluttered home has an enormous influence on your and your baby's mood

The nursery is the most important room in your home

Sorting your baby items into when you will need them will remove the overwhelming feeling of having too many belongings in the nursery. Contact us for more info

Colours that soothe & layouts that function

Of course you want a tranquil place for the baby to sleep. We can help you transform a spare room into a beautiful nursery with lots of storage that is easy to access.

Arranging your bedroom is important too

Tidying and arranging your own room can often be overlooked and can lead to a disorganised mess if the layout doesn’t work properly. We can give you a helping hand to get back in control!

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