Re-Organise your life, let us declutter your home

Prioritise your Belongings for a Clear Mind

Clearing unwanted items helps you De-Stress, feel calm and enhances your ability to focus

We offer Decluttering Services tailored for you. It is a hugely rewarding & fun process. Naturally, your privacy and confidentiality are at the core of what we do.

Removing clutter from around the home can transform your life. Once we have visited your home, you will understand how to be organised so that you can continue forwards with a life free of clutter!

Pile of clutter

Ridding your life of clutter = relief

Decluttering is both satisfying and healing, getting rid of stuff makes you feel great. Most people have a feeling of elation and huge relief after a decluttering session with us.

Decluttering is for everybody!

Don’t think decluttering is for you? Think again. If you’re honest with yourself, there are items around the home that you don’t need. When you rid yourself of this clutter, life will be better!

A discrete & confidential service

Of course we consider your privacy to be extremely important. Confidentiality is key when dealing with other people’s belongings. This trusting attitude is at the heart of Declutter Me’s approach.

Four steps to long-lasting decluttering success

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1. Consultation

Discussion how to help you declutter and organise. Get in touch

Step 1 Consultation Embarrased Mess c
2. We create a plan

Plan on how to remove clutter and get organised

Step 2 Plan Declutter Set Date c
3: Time for us to get it done

Let us Declutter and organise your home

Step 3 get organised and declutter d
4: Prevent it happening again

Future tips on how to keep your life decluttered, tailored for you

Step 4 prevent clutter happening again e

  1. Get in touch for a free consultation!

Start a conversation with Sally today, the first step towards getting decluttered!

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