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The four magical steps to long-lasting decluttering success
Step 1 consultation embarrased mess c

Step 1: Consultation

Declutter Consultation from a Professional Organiser

  • over the phone
  • or via video call

…to discuss how we can help you declutter and organise your space. No matter how cluttered your home or office, we are here to help.

Simply tell us what you’d like to achieve (“I want to be able to be able to eat off the table!”), how you want your space to appear (“A clear, clean space with the clutter stored away in a way that’s easy to get to”) and your timeline for getting it done (e.g. “Before the family arrives for the Holidays”).

Send us some pictures of the spaces you would like sorted or alternatively we can video call.
Don’t panic at the thought , this only so we are able to provide a better quote for your requirements

Step 2 plan declutter set date c

Step 2: We create a plan

Plan on how to remove clutter and get organised

After the initial phone/video consultation, a date can be set for the decluttering to begin.

Along with a timeline, what you want to achieve is of utmost importance to us. If the goal is clear, then you can sit back and look forward to having your home organised.

Step 3 get organised and declutter d

Step 3: Time for us to get it done

Declutter and organise your home

Whether it’s a full days decluttering session or a full week of preparing a house for selling, it’s now time to organise your space!
We offer renovating and moving packages as well as individual sessions.

Sally is a professional organiser and uses effective approaches in how to organise your house. At the end of the process you should feel relaxed and invigorated with a sense of overall positivity.

How decluttering transforms your life:

  • Purity for the soul
  • Clears your mind
  • Lifts your heart
  • Allows you and your family the freedom to breathe
Step 4 prevent clutter happening again e

Step 4: Once we have created your new spaces

We offer future tips on how to keep your life decluttered, tailored for you

After the job is done it is really important to leave you with a solution that is easy to keep organised and stay decluttered. Our Declutter tips will help you on your journey to having a clutter free life!

Tips on avoiding clutter and how to be more organised are our speciality!

Rest assured though, if you need our services again we are here to help. A lot of our clients book in for a top up session as decluttering is a process and your situations may change for example , kids grow up and move out and now you would love that study back.
For whatever reason we are always here to help , and never judge!

Don’t worry we are normal people just like you!

Sal will always start the process with an informal assessment (over a cup of tea), help you see your belongings in a different way.

Whilst decluttering it is a good idea to take a break for lunch to help be objective about the process, organise things you want to keep, whilst learning how to declutter yourself. The value of your posessions, not just financially, but sentimentally is really important to us.

Why not read the Frequently asked Questions and get the information that you need?

Or perhaps browse the blog for tips on keeping your life clutter free?

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