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Clutter free Kitchens

Some Declutter Me Kitchens.
Kitchens always take time. With so many categories and those pesky things hidden in corner cupboards we love to help make a kitchen not just decluttered but organised as well as introducing new systems that work for our clients.

Kitchen cupboards and Cleaning cupboards

We love a good organised kitchen cupboard and despite what people think they always take a long time to sort.
Start by pulling everything out . You can then sort out of date items and collate categories .
Once you have done this look at your space find a system that works for you.
Just remember when implementing a new system it takes a bit of time to get used to but we promise It’s Soooo Worth It!

Lounge Results

These were great projects to work on.
Our clients needed their houses ready for sale.
We decluttered and organised and home staged these rooms to allow the estate agents photographer to get the best benefits from these beautiful spaces.


Organising the clutter , declutter and reorganise that’s the key.


Often neglected as no one sees these rooms on a regular basis, bedrooms can become real dumping grounds.

Office Move

Office Renovations

Did you know we also offer a package deals for offices and houses getting renovated?
We can declutter , organise your packing and project manage the whole thing.
Moving you into your temporary accommodation and a storage facility if required.

Spare Room Sort Out

I was called into this family home after they had recently had a baby.
With so much to do and on little sleep the spare room had started to be a dumping ground for office and wardrobe items.
First things first we got straight down to decluttering some of those wardrobe items that hadn’t been worn for a long time.
Sometimes you hold on to your clothes when you are pregnant thinking you will be back wearing it in no time. Life goes on and 9 months down the line fashions have changed and whether you pregnant or not I’m sure you would have bought a new item to replace it so LET IT GO!

Dinner Time

This was the transformation of the dining room. A room used for work and not dinner.

After decluttering this space became the perfect place to invite your friends round for that dinner party you always wanted to hold.

A Tidy Playroom

Toys can be a nightmare for some mums and little girls do find it tricky to let go. However we worked altogether to create a clearer space and managed to have set boxes for certain toys.

A cellar


Some useful tips on how to keep a garage organised


Loved organising this playroom.

Creating a room of calmness

This room is one of my favourites. The brief was to create a place of tranquility.
I always think a house should have at least one space where you can sit and read, write or even just relax in.
I started by clearing out clutter from the cupboards and then clearing the room in order to start to create the new look.

Moving the bed into a new position created good energy and had already changed the look of the room.

As you can see this beautiful fireplace had been overwhelmed by the other objects and I wanted to bring back to life this amazing feature.

After much research I had found the perfect rocking chair where my client now sits and reads in her new calming environment. I also brought out the tranquil turquoise to create the perfect indulgent feel.

Transformation of a Victorian house

This lovely lady needed some help putting her house in order as well as adding some interior solutions to enable to sell her house adding value and also showing her home at its best.The key to this project was the request to although add some modern features my client wanted to keep the victorian feel.

These are some of my favourite room transformations.

Creative rearranging a juice bar

This was a great job. Businesses are often concentrating so hard on the every day running that storage and space are last thing on the list.
Declutter Me worked on the stock room, the seating area and the under the bar area to get this juice bar running as smoothly as it’s juices and smoothies!

Creating a kitchen pantry

This was a great project.
The client was setting up a food stall and needed a kitchen unit so that he could see and access all the ingredients easily.
Making sure everything is labelled and in clear containers can save you a lot of time in the kitchen.


Don’t forget your outdoor spaces.
These often turn into dumping grounds and can become full of clutter before you know it.

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