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This is my story and how decluttering helped me as an individual.

by Sally Walford

I set up my business in South London because I had been through one of the most challenging years of my life. Having moved to London everything turned upside down and I began a journey that I felt should be shared with everyone and with that intention Declutter Me was born.

Most people who seek our help are going through some kind of change, having a baby, going through a divorce, reaching that weight FINALLY!

The feeling of decluttering comes from those kind of situations the first time I realised this was when I was younger. My boyfriend of 2 years split up with me and of course I was devastated however a few months down the line I started to feel better, back in control at that point I had the urge to start again and with that chopped all my hair off a new me, a new change, a new start. Now I’m not saying you have to do something quite as dramatic but it’s that feeling of renewal, that is the key to knowing you are ready to change.


Decluttering is not just about stuff.

'Stuff' is just materialistic the real cause of the clutter is something else, lack of control, depression, living in fear... I could go on, the list as you can imagine is long!


The things people say about my work.

The one thing that most people say when taking my card or learning about what I do is, I’m not a hoarder or I’m a hoarder ( always in a joking fashion )...

Both of these are answers to a question that I haven’t even asked!

Is it that they are embarrassed in some way to admit that they need some help. Yes, I would say as not everyone understands the decluttering business so my blog is to share with you my experience both personally and professionally plus each week a decluttering to do .


To do today: THAT Drawer!

I think everybody is guilty of having a spare drawer thats a bit untidy. That represents a small piece of chaos in your life! So the one decluttering job on your to do list for this week is that drawer - if you haven’t got time then Declutter Me can help!

For those skeptics this is not laziness by any means. We offer the service so that you have somewhere to start: thats the purpose of decluttering!

I can assure you - declutering transforms peoples lives and could transform yours.

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