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Pre Christmas Declutter & Organise

by Sally Walford

So here we are everyone a week before xmas... Are you feeling overwhelmed?

If you are experiencing that now about Christmas and New Year take a moment and breathe and then try this little exercise that can help you.


I find it much easier once you realise how you feel, that writing things down can put things into a better perspective. You can then see with a bit more clarity and it helps you to prioritise.

If you are feeling an urgency then this can help stop the panic and also help to stop you putting things off and procrastinating. Little by little and step by step as you put things down on paper or on your notes app on your phone you will see that you have a place to start.

Declutter before Christmas

There is no right or wrong way to start to tackle those jobs you are putting off so write the first thing that comes into your head. In doing just one thing on your list a day can help you on your way to decluttering your life.


If you are someone that has endless lists then I am sure there are several tasks that appear at least once on all of them. Gather them all together and make a new list taking notice of those jobs that are repeated several times and make the decision to do that job first. Your lists will become easier to manage as you now only have one.


Decluttering your life is also about managing your time. Reward yourself for clearing or for achieving that task crossed off that list.

Do something for you every day if even if its something as simple as having a cup of tea with your feet up or enjoying a bath and yes you do have the time to do these things. Why? Because you will have completed that job you have been meaning to do forever!


To do today: your fridge/freezer

So you need to get that fridge and freezer ready for the holidays, start by emptying and thoroughly cleaning.

  • When placing everything back in throw away any out of date items as well as half opened tins that are passed use.
  • Try storing any left over food in bags rather than in large containers its about maximising the space that you have.
  • Keep jams, honey etc on the removable shelves so that can easily be cleaned.
  • If you are using any containers choose square shaped ones over round ones.
  • If you are able to, once you have defrosted your freezer start by placing similar items together, use specific shelves for specific items e.g chicken, pork, fish 

You will have created space for your holiday food in no time and also have put into place a good system that you can stick to once the festivities are done.


Happy Christmas Everyone! 

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