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How is your room when you zoom?

by Sally Walford

How is your room when you zoom?

How is your room when you zoom?

By Sally Walford

Is it all tidy?

Everything in a place?

Or are you just struggling to find a small space?

You show all your friends that you’re coping inside,

This digital world makes it easy to hide.

Coffee mugs, masks and protective gloves

Strewn across sofas as well as the rugs.

You’ll tidy tomorrow!

Get on top of it all!

But really you won’t,

You’re climbing the wall.

So be honest, be brave,

Show your friends round your place,

It can help tell your story.

Don’t put on a fake face.

What matters the most,

Is to know YOU are here,

We virtually listen and hold you so dear,

Who cares if your now multifunctional room,

Isn’t quite perfect in order to zoom.

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