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Declutter your xmas

by Sally Walford

So today I am sat with my mum and we were chatting about one of the things she finds annoying in getting the house up together for Xmas.

Mum said - “Getting the Xmas decorations out as well as pulling the lights out to find a tangled ball”. 

Do you find after a year you go up into that loft to find a bunch of boxes and bags full of decorations. Decorations that don’t match, slightly broken as they have just all been chucked in boxes to get them out of the way?

A few good tips on how to pack away and declutter your xmas will leave you with no problems for the following year. As my mum would say, I’d like it to be not a drama!

For lights- take off the tree and roll into circles, use some string to tie in neat circles. If they haven’t come in one already utilise some unused containers to store them in.You can also use an old piece of card to wrap the lights around if you don’t have any string!

Tinsel can also be packed away in containers so not to shed too much. Make sure you label all containers.


You can also buy these handy xmas decorations boxes:

But if you are on a budget storing away baubles couldn’t be easier, use old egg boxes.

Use a large box and place in the bottom old egg boxes before lining cut the lids off . Place the baubles in the gaps and then to add another layer repeat the process. 

If your favourite ornament has been glued within an inch of its life and is still broken it’s time to let it go!



To do today


Do you have a tin full of knives, forks and spoons and still can’t find that teaspoon ? 

Is your tin cluttering up your work top?


Get yourself a cutlery liner for your draw or cupboard this shows the perfect way of decluttering and how to maintain it.

This gives everything a place forever :)


Let the festivities begin!

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