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A Clutter Free January

by Sally Walford

So here we are half way through a busy, cold, dark  January and… you haven't even started trying to sort stuff out? 

Don’t worry!

You can start to declutter anytime :)

Try not to put so much pressure on yourself for not starting yet. Decluttering can make you feel free so just, let it go and when you start ,the task in front of you won’t seem such a big deal.


One good way to get you working towards your goal is to take ONE item a day. Place it in a box or bag to either recycle or send to charity. At the end of your week take that box or bag to its destination.


If you did this every day starting from today , by January 21st  2016 guess what?




So why not give that a go , start today and take that one step to living a clutter free life.


Need a place to get going? Have a look at the to do today section for some Declutter Me inspiration.


Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can :)


To do today


Let's all have a look at our wardrobes and see what hasn’t been worn for a while.

Get yourself 4 bags or boxes.

Label one to keep, one for charity and one for the items you are not sure of and one for recycling.

Go through your wardrobe and place items in the appropriate bag.

A good tip to do before you start is to place all your hangers facing one way . Over the next few weeks as you wear and return the item to the wardrobe place any worn clothes on the hanger but facing the opposite way.

This will soon show you how much of your wardrobe you actually wear and gives you a great way to get some items in that recycling bag.

Happy Decluttering

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